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“A world that works together, will be a world that works best for all of us”.
— Peter & Andrea Hylands

Creative cowboy films makes documentaries, books, magazines and stories about art, culture and nature around the world. Our carefully and fearlessly researched content, as always, connecting cultures around the world. 

Creative cowboy films Nature Knowledge Channel
The Nature Knowledge Channel is our online channel entirely dedicated to the natural world. What we have discovered as we investigate our world through camera lens, authorship and project research, is just how bad the decline in wildlife populations has been in the fifty or so years we have been working internationally. Planet Earth is now a very different place and the vast array of species that exist on our planet have fewer and fewer places of safety.

We begin this journey by focussing on the Continent of Australia where biodiversity faces an array of challenges. For Australia we have made available a time series of analysis, so readers, researchers and journalists can gain a historical perspective of what has happened to Australian wildlife, including the role of Australian Governments in species endangerment. Birdlife, Koalas and Kangaroos will continue to be a focus of our attention because of the shocking nature of what is being done to them, but that is not to ignore the hundreds of Australian species also on the journey to extinction.

Creative cowboy films Art and Culture Channel
The Art and Culture Channel will continue to focus on producing content that relates to art and cultural practices around the world as we continue to produce our award-winning projects in some of the remotest places on earth and with some of the world’s most significant artists. 

This website is dedicated to the memory of Sylvia Hylands who died in Oxfordshire in 2022. Sylvia grew up in Austria and spent her teenage years in very difficult circumstances during the Nazi period. Liberation delivered her husband Ron, in the form of a British soldier and a life in England. We kept our close connections with Austria, Peter attending primary school in Velden. Sylvia gave us the mountains and lakes of southern Austria in the beautiful state of Carinthia, knowledge of the natural world and a sense of enduring justice, leadership and kindness to all creatures, great and small. Peter and Andrea Hylands