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Terms and conditions

PLEASE NOTE AUSTRALIA: All the materials on the Creative cowboy films website have been created by Andrea and Peter Hylands and their crew and all materials are the copyright and trademark of Creative cowboy films and contributors who appear on the site. All rights are reserved. 

As a user of the Creative cowboy films site you are of course welcome to use and study the materials directly from this site because that is why we have created it. A wealth of knowledge about our world and some of the great people who we work with.

Creative cowboy films: website and online products, DVDs, magazines and books


Creative cowboy films products are sold on condition that they are not for public performance. The purchaser has home use rights only unless permission is granted by Creative cowboy films to do otherwise. Generally Creative cowboy films will be pleased to grant such permissions and a permissions fee will be requested.

Any unauthorized copying, editing, exhibition, renting, exchange, hiring, lending, public performances, diffusion or broadcasting of Creative cowboy films products are strictly prohibited without permission from Creative cowboy films.

NOTE: For educational and library use, by purchasing Creative cowboy films products, the provider is granted a one site (one location) license and products can therefore be shown or lent in the educational setting and in one location (a school or university).

Restrictions on use: Website, all video, sound and text 
This site is owned and operated by Creative cowboy films and contains material that has been created by Creative cowboy films. The material on this site is protected by international copyright and trademark laws. Visitors to the site may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute in any way any material from this website. Creative cowboy films must be acknowledged at all times and any copyright and other proprietary notices are to be included as per the original material.

License to Creative cowboy films: By posting messages or sending written feedback to the Creative cowboy films website the respondent becomes a contributor and therefore is granting Creative cowboy films a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to use, copy, sublicense, adapt, transmit, publicly perform or display any such communication.

Links to third party websites: In the case where Creative cowboy films has provided links to or reference to third party websites, Creative cowboy films does not operate or control in any respect any information, products or services on these third-party sites. Creative cowboy films disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Limitation of product liability: As a visitor to the Creative cowboy films if you are dissatisfied with any Creative cowboy films content your only course of action is to discontinue using Creative cowboy films products and / or web based content.

Termination: This agreement is effective until terminated by Creative cowboy films, termination may occur at any time without notice. In the event of termination the disclaimers and limitations of liabilities set forth in this agreement, shall survive.

Privacy: Creative cowboy films is committed to protecting your privacy. Creative cowboy films produces content including films and books, sound files and other content on a range of media. Where feedback or ideas are provided by our customers, we will treat any correspondence with respect for your privacy unless the parties agree to do otherwise, perhaps in the case of a testimonial or other reference or information that may assist customers generally.

Terms of use

These terms of use ("Terms of Use") tell you how you may use Creative cowboy films online website to access, view and/or listen to Creative cowboy films content for your personal and non-business use.

If you access Creative cowboy films online website, you agree to be legally bound by the terms in force at the time of use.

These Terms of Use apply solely to non-business users and if you wish to request use of Creative cowboy films online content for commercial use, please contact Andrea Hylands on email


All the content on the Creative cowboy films online website is the property of Creative cowboy films or its licensors. The content is created by Creative cowboy films staff and those commissioned by the company. The content may be film, images, audio or text, the Creative cowboy films online website is a multimedia platform with all types of content available from the site.

Should I read any other information or terms?

Please also read the Creative cowboy films privacy policy below.

Creative cowboy films website

Creative cowboy films online products and services include the website, products and/or software applications that enable you to access, view and/or listen to Creative cowboy films content on compatible devices which may include computers and handheld devices.

Creative cowboy films content is produced and edited by Creative cowboy films.

Editorial Control: By using the online website the user acknowledges that Creative cowboy films has absolute editorial control over all Creative cowboy films content at all times.

How can I use the Creative cowboy films online website and its content?

By complying with these Terms of Use and with all relevant laws (for instance, copyright law), you may use the Creative cowboy films website to access, view and/or listen to Creative cowboy films content for your personal and non-business use.

You may not infringe any copyright law when using the Creative cowboy films online website by copying, reproducing or reselling Creative cowboy films content of any kind or format without the permission of Creative cowboy films.

You may not subject any Creative cowboy films content to any derogatory treatment or use this content in any way that would bring Creative cowboy films into disrepute or cause Creative cowboy films to incur liability to any third party.

You agree to use Creative cowboy films online website to access, view, read and/or listen to the content as supplied to you by Creative cowboy films and you may not, assist anyone to, or attempt to, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, adapt, modify, copy, reproduce, lend, hire, rent, perform, sub-license, make available to the public, create derivative works from, broadcast, distribute, commercially exploit, transmit or otherwise use in any way Creative cowboy films content in whole or in part.

This is not an exhaustive list and may be amended by Creative cowboy films from time to time.

Ownership of copyrights

All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on the Creative cowboy films online website belong to Creative cowboy films. Creative cowboy films reserves all of its rights in its content and including its online website. Nothing in the Terms of Use grants the user a right or licence to use any trade mark, design right or copyright owned or controlled by Creative cowboy films unless permission is provided to you to do so by Creative cowboy films.

What are the features of the Creative cowboy films online website and how do they work?

You can access and use the Creative cowboy films online website from a variety of compatible devices. The Terms of Use apply to the user’s use of Creative cowboy films content on any device. It should be noted that some features and functionalities may not be available on all devices and Creative cowboy films cannot make any guarantee that all or any features of the Creative cowboy films content will work on any particular device.

Interacting with Creative cowboy films online website

Any user interaction with the Creative cowboy films online website, that is, subscribing to magazines, publications and films (creative-iTV) or purchasing pay-to-view services (creative-iTV) or DVDs or other products from the Creative cowboy films on the Creative cowboy films website will require the use of some of your personal information. Please read the Creative cowboy films privacy policy.

Do I need to have a Creative cowboy films account to access Creative cowboy Pty Ltd​ content?

You will need an account to access Creative cowboy films and publications and subscription services for which payments need to be made. You will also be asked to register an email address for services such as subscriptions. All subscription services and purchases should be paid for as instructed on this website using the payment system Stripe. For larger orders and in the case of educational institutions and public institutions such as libraries, museums and galleries, these institutions can pay on invoice directly into the Creative cowboy films bank account by emailing their order to Andrea Hylands on


Creative cowboy films online website and content may contain hyperlinks to websites and resources owned and operated by third parties. These third party websites and resources have their own terms of use and users should review these. Creative cowboy films does not accept any responsibility or liability for any third party websites and resources and user access and use of such services and content is at the user’s own risk.

User obligations under the Terms and Use?

Compliance with the Terms - You must comply with the Terms.

Expenses, equipment and software

The user (you) is solely responsible for paying all expenses incurred when you access or use Creative cowboy films online website and contents including your internet or data service provider charges and any excess charges to that provider if you have a limit on the amount of data you can stream. You are also responsible for any costs associated with all the equipment and software you need to connect to and use the Creative cowboy films online website and its content.

Accessing and using Creative cowboy films features to access, download, view or listen to Creative cowboy films content (especially video or audio) may lead to substantial bandwidth usage by you which can be expensive so you should ensure you do not exceed any 'bandwidth cap' on your account with your Internet or data service provider. Creative cowboy films are not responsible if your equipment or software is not compatible with any Creative cowboy films content. Creative cowboy films content may be streamed to your device from servers owned by third-party content distribution networks such as Media Temple to enhance your experience when you watch or listen to Creative cowboy films content.

Managing your account details and activity

The user is solely responsible for keeping your Creative cowboy films account username and password (if you have them) confidential and the user is responsible for all activity that occurs under your Creative cowboy films account.

What are the Creative cowboy films legal obligations to me and how do the terms limit Creative cowboy films liability?

The basis on which Creative cowboy films makes the Creative cowboy films website available to you: 

  • Creative cowboy films does not guarantee that all Creative cowboy films content and will always be available or be uninterrupted, timely, secure or free from bugs, viruses, errors and omissions.
  • Creative cowboy films reserves its right to modify, suspend or discontinue all or part of any Creative cowboy films content or service without giving you any notice.
  • Any commentary, opinions or other materials included in Creative cowboy films content are not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely.

Types of loss or damage Creative cowboy films is not responsible for

Creative cowboy films are not responsible for the following kinds of loss or damage which may arise from your use of the Creative cowboy films online website and content:

  • Loss or damage suffered by you or someone else when Creative cowboy films complies with the Terms and Use conditions;
  • Loss or damage which is caused by Creative cowboy films when it does not comply with the Terms and Use conditions but which Creative cowboy films and you could not anticipate, nor expect to happen when you started using Creative cowboy films online website and content in all its forms;
  • Any loss which is indirect or a side effect of the main loss or damage and which Creative cowboy films and you could not anticipate nor expect to happen when you started using Creative cowboy films online website and content in all its forms.
  • Provided Creative cowboy films complies with its privacy policy, any loss of data or damage to your device or software; and
  • Any loss or damage if Creative cowboy films online website and content in all its forms are not provided to you or are interrupted or suspended or if Creative cowboy films does not comply with the Terms because of events beyond Creative cowboy films control, such as an act of God, accident, fire, lockout, strike or other official or unofficial labour dispute, civil commotion, decision of the Creative cowboy films board, rule or order or act of Government or other act or event beyond the reasonable control of Creative cowboy films. 

Your legal rights as a consumer

As a consumer, you may have certain legal rights regarding claims in respect of losses caused by Creative cowboy films failing to carry out its obligations. Nothing in the Terms is intended to limit your legal rights as a consumer.

Transfer of rights

The user may not assign, sub-license or otherwise transfer any of your rights and obligations in the Terms to any other person.

Dispute arising out of the Terms?

Any disputes arising out of the Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria.

Privacy policy and protecting your privacy

This privacy policy describes the information we collect about you and how we use and share this information. 

The following information about you is collected:

Customers ordering or subscribing to Creative cowboy films products, including DVDs and books, which have to be posted to you, required you to provide a postal address, email address and name. We may also collect similar information from online customers. The information provided by our customers will NOT be provided to third parties either for sale or rent and is for the sole use of Creative cowboy films for its communications with and distribution to its customers. 

When you interact with Creative cowboy films we may receive or collect personal information about you. This occurs when you subscribe to or purchase a Creative cowboy films product or request that you are added to our mailing list. The details you provide will include your name and address, your contact details and if you purchase a product your credit card or other banking details. Our transactions are processed by Stripe ( payment processing system via your credit card and credit card companies such as Visa.

When you use the Creative cowboy films online website and content, we will use your IP address and cookies to provide certain functionality to you and to better understand how our services are being used. However, the way we protect your personal information is always within the terms of the Creative cowboy films Privacy Policy.

If you have provided it, your name, email address and postal address are stored within the Creative cowboy films database and held by our secure server in California.

How Creative cowboy films will use your information?

  • To provide you with services. For example, to send you a link to a new issue of the creative-i magazine, if you have asked for this.
  • To fulfill your purchase order by post or online depending on which content products you have purchased from Creative cowboy films.
  • To inform you of new film and writing projects from Creative cowboy films.

We will keep your information confidential and we will only use your information within the Creative cowboy films company. We will NOT provide your details to third party advertisers. You should note that Creative cowboy films does not and will not carry advertising material from third parties. It is our strategy to build a media company that does not require advertising revenues and is therefore free from any external influence that may stem from the particular interests of advertisers. 

When you place an order, we provide a secure server with secure server software (SSL) that encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. All of the customer data we collect is protected against unauthorised access using industry-standard methods to secure our electronic databases. 

Information we collect may be retained for as long as needed to fulfill our business purposes, that is to deliver Creative cowboy films products to you, or for a period of time specifically required or allowed by applicable regulation or laws. If you no longer want us to use your information to provide services to you, you can withdraw your consent or request that we erase your information by contacting

Refunds Policy

DVDs: Creative cowboy films does not refund monies until returned items arrives at our office. At our discretion, a refund may be issued without requiring a return. DVDs must be returned in unused condition to receive a refund.

Online subscriptions and pay-to-view purchases: Creative cowboy films cannot refund pay-per-view and subscriptions, orders or purchases for online streaming products, films or publications, either as pay-to-view or by subscription. This is because once you have viewed the product or content it is deemed as having been sold to you.

Product descriptions

Creative cowboy films attempts to be as accurate as possible in describing Creative cowboy films content products.


Except where noted otherwise, the price displayed for products on any Creative cowboy films service represents the full retail price listed on the product itself. In the case of DVDs, depending on location of purchaser, freight costs may be added to price. 


Orders for DVDs will normally be processed within five working days of receipt of order, we will advise you if the item is unavailable or out of stock. Postage by airmail may take a few days. Please remember we are despatching products to many countries around the world.


Creative cowboy films wants to bring you the highest quality the Internet can provide when streaming full length movies available to you as pay-per-view or by subscribing to the Creative cowboy films website. To successfully stream the full length films in the pay section you will need a reasonable Internet connection. 

You will also require up-to-date software and hardware to get the most out of viewing online. This website is designed to be multiplatform and works on a range of hardware and systems. Caution should be used when playing videos on mobile phones while travelling overseas, because of the possible expense of doing so.

If you reside in a region or country where Internet speeds are still very poor, we suggest you allow time for the films and clips to buffer and then enjoy them. 

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