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Gerald Durrell and Corfu

Life on land

"My zoo in Jersey has been open to the public for nearly a year. We are probably the newest zoo in Europe and, I like to think, one of the nicest".

August 27, 2022

This passion about the natural world, in turn fired a vast array of creativity and content development, television programs, radio and books and the famous Jersey Zoo (Durrell Wildlife Park) and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Passion and talent

What this passion and talent for communication did was to ignite new interest about the natural world in Britain and beyond. Just, as it is once again, doing today.

However depressing we may think humanity’s conduct towards the natural world has become, there is no doubt that Gerry’s efforts at communicating the issues that are now more real than ever, have had an enormous impact on attitudes about conservation, his impact on these things has echoed down the years.

Gerald Durrell is always in my heart

In the video above Matt Wilson, dedicated herpetologist, a great source of knowledge of everything reptile and amphibian in the Greek and Mediterranean worlds, tells Peter Hylands about what is happening to the reptile world on Corfu. Peter says about the video above: 

"Know your species and do not handle snakes unless you are expert at doing so, respect reptiles and they will respect you".