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Possumwood: Australian wildlife veterinary hospital

Life on land

“An estimated three billion animals lost their lives in the 2019-29 bushfires. Very few people have recognised that. Three billion animals, you know that is a kind of number you struggle with, to comprehend”. Professor Steve Garlick

May 21, 2023

We have dedicated this hospital to those three billion animals that have lost their lives. So we have a plaque out there on a big rock. So this is another reason why we have set up this hospital so that when these animals come in from a fire or other catastrophe there is somewhere and someone, they can go to, who has a degree of expertise in treating wild animals.

Rosemary and Steve saving an Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Dedication and duty of care

“Kangaroos are the mechanical marvels of the natural world, their skeletal structure is extraordinary as is their muscular system and movement. This is why, when Kangaroos are shot or hit by vehicles, their injuries are so catastrophic and a long journey of pain with little, and all too often, no chance of recovery. For this reason I would not wish on anyone the horrific situations and great suffering in relation to these animals we have witnessed while working on the Australian Continent. This is why, helping these animals in the ways Rosemary and Steve are doing is so very very important”. Peter Hylands

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Commercial exploitation of Kangaroos in NSW

As Kangaroos vanish from the landscape exaggerated population estimates each and every year mean that commercial quotas are never met. That is because the Kangaroos they are trying to kill don’t exist. And by now killing so many females and their young, they are destroying future generations.

In 2020 the actual take against quota was:

  • Eastern Grey Kangaroo was 23 per cent, that is 329,235 animals instead of the intended kill of 1,408,964;
  • Western Grey Kangaroo was 14.5 per cent, that is 18,907 animals instead of the intended kill of 129,030;
  • Red Kangaroo was 20 per cent, that is 115,053 animals instead of the intended kill of 564,137; and
  • Wallaroo was 11 / 25 per cent, that is 5,991 animals instead of the intended kill of 44,484 (revised down to 24,045).

In 2020, 32 per cent of Kangaroos killed for commercial gain in NSW were female (150,139). These numbers do not include joeys killed in the process, estimated at an additional 55,000).