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The Kangaroo, the Mayor and the car race

Life on land

“Kangaroos and car races do not mix, but that is exactly the mix on the Wahluu-Mount Panorama race-track”.

Peter Hylands, Andrea Hylands

May 21, 2023

What to do when you have a popular car race and Kangaroos? Welcome to Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia. For the answer, we visit Mayor, Gary Rush.

Meeting the Mayor

It is great to see Gary and his director, corporate communications, Therese, again.

In the old days the answer would have been to shoot the Kangaroos. The Bathurst Regional Council has committed to support the relocation of the Kangaroos and have provided council land and fencing in the place which is being used to gather the Kangaroos before they are relocated to their new home.

With the support of ecologist Ray Mjadwesch, partner Helen Bergen and community volunteers, the Kangaroos were captured and held within the compound prior to relocation, reducing Kangaroo / vehicle incidents in the area.

The plan is to relocate the Kangaroos over the next few weeks, to a forest far away from all the hazards of the race-track.