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We dread the moonlight

Life on land

"In this short film Professor Steve Garlick, Possumwood Wildlife, tells us about the kinds of injuries that are inflicted on the Australian wildlife they rescue, and in too many cases, have to euthanise because the injuries are so severe"

Peter Hylands, Andrea Hylands

September 4, 2022

In New South Wales a few weeks ago Dr Rosemary Austen told us how she dreaded the full moon during Canberra’s shooting season as so much more Australian wildlife is killed, mostly shot, in the bright moonlight. 

Blinded by the light

Australian native wildlife is shot with guns, with bows and arrows, run down by vehicles along fence lines, young animals are decapitated and bludgeoned to death and more animals are caught in fences. All horrific ways of dying, each and every one.

It is left to a dedicated few to pick up the pieces.

“I would love to see a world in which every one of us could reach our potential. I would like to see more love and kindness. When you look at the challenges the world faces, it always strikes me that if we just showed a little understanding and compassion towards each other, solutions might seem more possible. I wish we would care for our planet more and recognise the difference we can all more make through small actions and acts of kindness”. Rebecca Vassarotti: (currently) Environment Minister, ACT Government